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Metal Mania Is Here!

Posted by Ren McCormack on July 16, 2009

Metal Mania_skeleton


 Welcome to Metal Mania VI! 

This year’s Metal Mayhem promises to be the biggest and baddest yet!

 Here’s the history of Metal Mania.  In 2004, for no real reason, we decided to dress up in 80s hair band costumes.  Mind you, at this time, no one really dressed up (though we did still do the ringer socks and jelly bracelets).  The next year, the team that we played (Schoolhouse Rockers, now the team we played week 1, Legion of Doom) also decided to dress up.  Then in 2006 the captain of the Rockers (then named K-funk) was league prez, and instituted Halloween in July.  Now, Footloose used to do 2 costume events–Metal Mania and Haloween in July, but I was lazy this year and didn’t plan ahead.  So we’re only doing Metal Mania.  Ok, back to the Metal Mania story.  So in 2005,  we had so much fun the year before we decided to continue it.  Now my memory here is a little thin, but in either 2005 or 2006 we started going to 80’s night at Heaven and Hell in AdMo after the games.  We’re lucky enough that Jed had a connection to get us un without paying the cover.  Sometimes we’d go to the Exchange, our old sponsor bar first, sometimes we’d be at the fields too long and go straight to AdMo.  A few years later, and here we are. 

But here’s the deal:  you have to dress in costume.  You’ve had plenty of notice, so I trust that this won’t be an issue.  The more over-the-top, the better!  I know that Becky, Jed, and Chelsea are going crazy tonight.  I hope everyone else is too! 

Also, everyone has to create their own original band name.  See the previous blog post for ideas.  Creativity is both encouraged and appreciated!

BTW, we started Metal Mania years before VH1 started using it as a show and on CDs.  So they copied us, not the other way around.  Just wanted to set the record straight.

And there’s a story to tell your children someday. 

Metal Mania_Finnish 

Scouting Report:

 Tonight we play The Ballers at 6:30.  The Ballers are the d*ckhead maroon team that played the game before us last week.  They also are the team that pulled the “we have to play at 7:15, and because I’m cute and have an 8pm approintment, sorry, your game is over.”  Well, this homee don’t play dat.  That’s why I wanted to ref their game last week– to make sure that any close call wen’t against them.  You don’t want to be on an Italian’s bad side.  And they are.  OK, so they aren’t all d*ckheads.  But still, I want to slap them around like, well, like you slap around a d*ckhead. 

They aren’t a bad team, and they are completely beatable.  Their pitcher takes it kinda seriously, and their short stop can catch.  That’s about all I remember from that game.  That, and their catcher got PLOWED at how, and bounced up laughing it off (I thought she was crying and broke something, which has happened before).

It’s should be a tight game.  I bet it’ll be 3-2 us. 

Metal Mania_hands 

Captain’s Tip of the Day:

  • You pop out, you chug a cup of jungle juice.
  • You pop out 2x, you put a jell-o shot in a cup of jungle juice, then chug.
  • You pop out 3x, you make out with Russell. 
  • Remember to get the ball back to the pitcher ASAP.  We had a few extra bases taken on us last week because we didn’t follow this simple tip. 
  • Just the tip, just for a second, just to see how it feels, is ALWAYS a good idea. 
  • If the 3rd baseman goes in for a bunt, and there is a runner on 1st or 2nd base, it’s the short stop or left fielder’s responsibility to cover 3rd base.  It’s important to be aware of the situation.
  • If you are pitching, a little bounce to the pitch is a good thing–it makes them easier to pop up.
  1. your plant foot (the left one, if you kick with your right foot) should be next to the ball.  If it’s too far back, that likely means you’ll be leaning backward when you kick.  That is bad because…
  2. lean forward.  If you lean back, you will pop up 95% of the time.  don’t believe me?  Then believe this guy (he’s on YouTube, so it must be true): 
  3. ball should make contact either with your laces with your toe pointing down and your knee overtop the ball (for a power kick) or with your instep.  For a laces demo, see this video:  For the inside of the foot demo, check here: 
  4. Strike the ball at its midpoint or above.  This will direct the ball low.  If you stike it in the bottom part, it likely will pop up. 
  5. I’ve notices that most people (*ahem…girls*) STAND at the plate and wait for the ball to come to them.  Instead, try approaching the ball– just a few steps– then making contact.  This will do two things:  give the kick more power (think Newton:  equal and opposite reaction) and give you momentum towards first base, getting you there quicker. 
  6. Give it a shot tonight.  Can’t hurt to try, right?  We have 3 more regular-season games before the playoffs, so nows the time to practice. 

Metal Mania_tiger 

Action Item:  You Rockin’ Out with You C*ck Out?

Only one action item tonight becuase the theme and libations are taken care of:

Are you playing tonight?  Let me know.  Becky is bringing jungle juice and jell-o shots, and Kristin is bringing cookies.  Because even rock gods love home backed cookies.  And Jed still has a connection, so we’ll go to where 80’s Dance Night now is held, 18th & Red (the old Angry Inch) in AdMo.  Whether or not we go to McFaddens first will be a game time decision.  If we kick the jungle juice early, we likely will (it’ll be hysterical to see evenyone in costume there playing flip cup).  If not, we’ll head straight out. 

 Metal Mania_radio


9 Responses to “Metal Mania Is Here!”

  1. aaron said

    i am in

  2. Breanne said

    I’m still in NY for work 😦
    …. I’m VERY upset that I missing all the fun tonight.

  3. Emily said

    I’m in! Made Jello Shots at lunch (my usual lunchtime activity) and they are going to be goooood!

    My band name: Jello Custard and the Smashing Sobriety 🙂

  4. Becky R. said


  5. Russell said

    well since I get to make out with everyone who pops out I’m def in…

  6. Steve said

    Looking forward to making out with Russell…I’m in!

  7. Steve– you need to watch those videos!

  8. Yes I am.

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