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Focus on Fundamentals

Posted by Ren McCormack on August 6, 2009

“I want to be remembered as the guy who gave his all whenever he was on the field.” — Walter Payton



Tonight is the first round of the tournament, which is single elimination.  That means if we lose, tonight is our last game.  When we win, we play next week).  So let’s not lose so that we can live to play again.

Here’s the info from the division:

All right people, this is it. Regular season is over and playoffs begin this Thursday. Will Flippin Sweet be able to go all the way undefeated? Or will Cemetary Dawgs, Tony’s Tigers or Grasskickers come out of nowhere and be our Cinderella Story?

Here are the final standings (the standings on the website are wrong so please go by these):

1. Flippin Sweet 2. Legion of Doom 3. Vandalay 4. Angry Jays Army 5. We Got The Runs 6. Ballers 7. Footloose 8. Kickzilla 9. Kickin Nuggets 10. Tonys Tigers 11. Cemetary Dawgs 12. Grasskickers

Like I said in the email I sent out in June, the top 4 teams will have byes this week. If you are playing in the 7:15pm game this week, PLEASE have someone from your team show up early to ref the 6:30 games. Also, if you have the equipment, please try to get there early so we won’t have to worry about competing with softball for space.

Here is the schedule for Thursday, Aug. 6th


Kickzilla vs. Kickin Nuggets (winner will play Flippin Sweet next week at 7:15)

Footloose vs. Tonys Tigers (winner will play Legion of Doom next week at 7:15)


We Got The Runs vs. Grasskickers (winner will play Angry Jays Army at 6:30 next week)

Ballers vs. Cemetary Dawgs (winner will play Vandalay at 6:30pm next week)

Please note that semifinals will be at 6:30pm on Aug. 20th and finals will be immediately after at 7:15pm.

Scouting Report:

I was wrong when I said that the Tigers were the team that we played the week I missed—that was Vandalay Industries.  Therefore, we’ve played and hung with, beat, or tied the top 6 teams in the division.  We are the 7th seed.  Every year there is a team that comes from nowhere to make a run for the championship.  I really think that we are set up well to be that team. 

The Tigers were the team that we played the week that the games were cancelled because of rain and we played them in flip cup to determine the winner.  I haven’t seen them play, so I can’t give any tips.  They are a work team, and they tend to be loud & enthusiastic.  So don’t let that throw you. 

Action Item 1:  Who’s Playing?

Let me you if you will be at tonight’s 6:30 game. 

Captain’s Tip of the Day:

  • Teams always bring their A game to the tourney and take it a little more seriously.  So don’t get mad at me if I do too– and expect them to as well.
  • Salad without dressing SUCKS.  Remember to bring dressing when you bring a salad to work. 
  • Like I said last week, practice as you play.  The entire season has been practice for the tourney.  Now it’s time to step up and play. 
  • Focus on fundamentals.  My Tips throughout the season have been fundamentals
  • Kick low, run fast, run through 1st base, and don’t watch the throw (only slows you down)
  • Back each other up
  • Call the ball
  • Get the ball back to the pitcher
  • Watch the bunts
  • Tagging up is allowed
  • Base coaches need to actually coach runners
  • the team who makes the fewest errors wins

Action Item 2:  Libations

Who’s bringing beer tonight?  I think we all have brought by now, so we just need a few people to bring a 12er and we’ll combine forces.  I have cups in my bag, so no need to get those.

Action Item 3:  Theme

Every year for the first game of the tourney we have a special theme:  create your own Care Bear.  Be as dirty and sexy as you want.   Rumor has it that Becky is creating special name tags for us. 

What’s your Care Bear name?  (If you can’t think of one now, be ready by game time!)

Care Bears...Who Says They Aren't Sexy?

Care Bears...Who Says They Aren't Sexy?

Weather Report:

The weather looks clear for tonight:

8-6 weather

Social Calendar:

Monday, Aug. 10:  The final Screen on the Green movie is “Rebal Without a Cause.”  We’ll be down there around 6:30.  I suggest you make it.  Please respond to the pending evite so that we know how much space to save.  The last one of the year is always the most popular.  If you can arrive before 6:30, then tag!  You’re it for saving space!

Saturday, Aug. 22:  End-of-Season kickball party.  Book it.  Book it. 

 September 12:  Aaron and I are likely having a party.  (evite to come)

September 18-20:  Russell’s beach house?

October 16-19:  White water rafting and Bridge Day in WV (e-mail to come)



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